Shooting Facilities

Indoor Range

Open 24 hours a day – 7 days a week for all pistol qualified full members.

Outdoor Ranges

Rifle Range

300 Yards with the added bonus of steel all the way out at the 300-yard mark. Can you hit the gong? Covered firing line with well built, solid shooting benches.

Pistol (Bullseye) Range

This range is built for the NRA Conventional Pistol competitor. Covered shooting stations with target hangers at the 50-yard mark and turning target hangers at the 25-yard mark. It’s all about shooting Xs.

Plinking Ranges

Two 75-yard plinking ranges. With steel targets of multiple configurations  Poppers, multi-sized gongs and even the ever present steel ground hog target. Covered firing line with well built, solid shooting benches.

Shotgun Ranges

Skeet, Trap, 5-Stand and Beginner Fields

Our Shotgun facilities are available to Club members and guests of members.