Rifle Qualification

Rifle Familiarization, Mentoring, and Qualification


  • There is a large backlog of people who want to become Rile Qualified due to the Rifle Range closure. To put it in economic terms, however, demand is outstripping supply. We just don’t have enough volunteers anywhere throughout the process to accommodate the expected flood of interest when the Range reopens.
  • Registration for classes is on a first-registered, first-served basis. As we will be attending to a backlog of members wishing to rifle qualify, we ask all members to PLEASE BE PATIENT. We will work through the backlog as quickly as we can, while continuing to ensure that all shooters remain safe on the firing line. While we understand the anticipation and anxiousness that conditional members face in wanting to become qualified, this is not a race, and there is absolutely nothing in our Bylaws that requires even one qualification to become a General Member.
  • Because the spots are limited and therefore relatively precious, anyone who registers will have up to 48 hours before the Familiarization/Qualification to cancel without difficulty. With a 48-hour window, we will still have the opportunity to contact those members who were prevented from enrolling to see if they are still available for the class. Anyone who cancels before the 48-hour window will be automatically reserved for the next class (i.e., they will not have to go through the registration lottery again). ALL NO-SHOWS WILL BE PUT AT THE BACK OF THE LINE. That line could be 40 or 240 members.

Rifle Familiarization

This is the FIRST STEP in the qualifying process. All members who wish to qualify to shoot a rifle unsupervised on CRPC Ranges must register for the class on the [Calendar/Events] section of the Club website. Class size is limited, and will be held on the same day and starting time as the Rifle Qualification (i.e., both programs will be held right after the outdoor work session lunch, beginning at 12:00 pm).


This is the SECOND STEP in the qualifying process. All members who attend the Rifle Familiarization class will have their names forwarded to the Mentoring Program Coordinator, advising that they have completed the class. It is the member’s responsibility to contact the coordinator to arrange for a mentor.

Rifle Qualification

This is the THIRD STEP in the qualifying process. Once the member has met with their mentor and the mentor is satisfied that the member observes all Club Safety Rules without prompting, they will be signed off for Qualification. This step also requires registration on the [Calendar/Events] section of the Club website.

Contact Persons

Rifle Qualification/Familiarization Coordinator:
Matthew Hughes
Contact:? mhughes@carolina.rr.com

Mentoring Program Coordinator:
Jeff Voss
Contact:? Mentor@CRPCPrograms.org