Para PPC

Para Police Practical Pistol Match

1st Match:  .22 Caliber Semi-autos or Revolver, 6 and ¾ or less barrel length.

2nd Match:  any gun open match, stock issue or target or custom, any and all upgrades are permitted with a maximum barrel length of 6 inches.  Optics and race guns are allowed in this match. Major caliber.

Keep 6 feet of distance between shooters.


5 yards 6 rounds 12 seconds one hand, elbow at side, no additional support.
7 yards 12 rounds 25 seconds 6 rounds- Dominant hand, no additional support.

6 rounds support hand, no additional support.

15 yards 18 rounds 35 seconds 12 rounds Standing, two hands-no additional support

6 rounds behind cover

After 36 rounds all participants will go forward and score their targets. Put your name on target.


SECOND RELAY   [need 36 rounds here]

25 yards 24 rounds 2 minutes 12 rounds standing no additional support
6 rounds – kneeling position    [if possible]
6 rounds – prone position         [if possible]
25 yards 12 rounds 60 seconds 6 rounds – standing no additional support

6 rounds – sitting  [if possible]

  • Eye and ear protection is mandatory
  • You will need a strong side holster and six speed loaders or four high cap magazines.
  • The Safe Area is for handling the weapon (unloaded), or facing the bank while safety checking and storing the pistol. Magazines and speed loaders may be loaded anywhere on the range. Firearms are to remain unloaded and holstered until the command to load is given.
  • Awards will be trophies or case.  One trophy per three shooters in each classification

Match Rules, Procedures, and Safety issues.

    • Match fee is $7.00 per match for members, $10.00 for non members.
    • Do not violate the 180° rule ever, When reloading and unloading.
    • Do not muzzles sweep any part of your body ever. Be very careful transitioning from the standing position, to the kneeling position, to the prone position and not muzzles sweep or violate the 180° rule.
    • Mandatory safety meeting before each match. Always participate in Q&A.
    • Follow the range commands of the match director. The range commands are but not limited to, ready on the right, ready on the left, the line is ready, fire,,, cease-fire, holster your weapon make the line safe. Always follow the directions of the match director.
    • Ready position is hand off weapon.
    • No loading of weapon until command, “load and make ready” is given.
    • Do not point the muzzle over the berm when loading.
    • Strong side belt Holsters mandatory. [No other holster arrangement is allowed]
    • 6″ barrel length maximum. [6 ¾ max for .22’s]
    • No alibis for guns or ammunition. [no excuses, lol]. A saved round can be fired at the next stage and before scoring.
    • Multiple magazines and/or speed loaders needed, loaded to capacity with 6 or 12 rounds.
    • You need six single stack or four double stack magazines. [or more]
    • High capacity magazines can be used but magazines must be released and reinserted after each six shots, or hold a low ready position and count to three, then resume the course of fire.
    • No credit for case or trophy buybacks.

The self defense pistol match is a modified PPC match that is set up for the shooter to fire in the most common positions you may find yourself in.

Hip shoot, standing two hand, standing one hand, behind cover, kneeling, sitting, & prone.

This will show areas you need to work on, and it is timed fast enough, but not too fast.

The match will teach consistency, many people can fire a nice six or 10 shot group, but not many can put 72 rounds in the “good zone” with out an error.

So come out and give it a try.