Para PPC

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Self defense style pistol match [Para PPC]

is held the 3rd Sunday of each month at 1:30 PM

Set up and registration begins at 12:30 Noon.The range is reserved from 12:30 to 4:00 PM for the match.

Para Police Practical Pistol Match

1st Match: Stock Pistol Match, any out-of-the box pistol not modified with a maximum barrel length of 6 inches (i.e., revolvers, and Semi automatics in traditional stock form, but no compensators, optics or race guns).

2nd Match: Modified Pistol Match, any and all upgrades are permitted with a maximum barrel length of 6 inches. Optics and race guns are allowed in this match.

3rd Match: .22 Caliber Semi-autos or Revolver, need at least 3 shooters required for this match. 6 and ¾ or less barrel length.

If you want to shoot the first 18 rounds with a pocket gun or back up gun, you can do that.

First Relay

5 Yards6 Rounds12 Secondsone hand, elbow at side, no additional support.
7 Yards12 Rounds25 Seconds6 rounds- left-handed, no additional support.
6 rounds right-handed, no additional support.
15 Yards18 Rounds45 Seconds12 rounds Standing, two hands-no additional support
6 rounds behind cover

After 36 rounds all participants will go forward and score their targets

Second Relay

25 Yards24 Rounds2 Minutes & 30 Seconds12 rounds standing
6 rounds - kneeling position
6 rounds - prone position
25 Yards12 Rounds60 Seconds6 rounds - standing no additional support
6 rounds - sitting
  • Eye and ear protection is mandatory
  • The Safe Area is for handling the weapon (unloaded), or facing the bank while safety checking and storing the pistol.Magazines and speed loaders may be loaded anywhere on the range. Firearms are to remain unloaded and holstered until the command to load is given.
  • Awards will be trophies or case.  One trophy per three shooters in each classification
  • Match Rules, Procedures, and Safety issues.
      • Match fee is $7.00 per match.
      • Do not violate the 180° rule ever, When reloading and unloading.
      • Do not muzzles sweep any part of your body ever. Be very careful transitioning from the standing position, to the kneeling position, to the prone position and not muzzles sweep or violate the 180° rule.
      • Mandatory safety meeting before each match. Always participate in Q&A.
      • Follow the range commands of the match director. The range commands are but not limited to, ready on the right, ready on the left, ready on the firing line, the line is ready, fire,,, cease-fire, holster your weapon make the line safe. Always follow the directions of the match director.
      • Ready position is hand off weapon.
      • No loading of weapon until command, “load and make ready” is given.
      • Do not point the muzzle over the berm when loading.
      • Strong side belt Holsters mandatory. [No other holster arrangement is allowed]
      • 6″ barrel length maximum. [6 ¾ max for .22’s]
      • No alibis for guns or ammunition. [no excuses, lol]. A saved round can be fired at the next stage and before scoring.
      • Multiple magazines and/or speed loaders needed, loaded to capacity with 6 or 12 rounds.
      • High capacity magazines can be used but magazines must be released and reinserted after each six shots, or hold a low ready position and count to three, then resume the course of fire.
      • No credit for case or trophy buybacks.

    The goal of this pistol match is to promote excellence in handgun skills that may be needed in self-defense. It is our intention to promote a sporting environment, and encourage a competitive frame of mind to achieve this end.  The match is designed for the shooter to achieve a broad and enhanced skill set and is a good first step toward other shooting sports such as IDPA, USPSA, Steel Challenge and GSSA events.  We look forward to seeing you on the range and participating in the brotherhood of marksmanship.