Military Rifle Match

The Military Rifle Match has received permission from the CRPC Board of Directors to fire from 100 yards downrange. Beginning March 2020 the firing line will be set at 200 yards, and also at 300 yards from the berm with all steel targets placed against the berm.


  • Posted on CRPC website calendar.  Held the 2nd Saturday of March, May, September, and November.
  • This is a rain-or-shine event.  Courses of fire will be adjusted for 300-yard shooting at the covered firing line for poor weather conditions, or if conditions at the 100-yard line are too wet/muddy.


  • Registration 8:00-8:45AM.  Safety Briefing 8:45AM.  Rounds on target 9:00AM. Shots will be fired at 200 yards until 12 Noon, then moved to 300 yards when the range will be open for member use.   COST: Members $15, Non-members $20.


  • Any semi-auto, military style rifle (AR-15, FAL, SCAR, AK, SKS, FN-49, Garand, etc.).
  • Any bolt-action, historical military rifle (M1903, Enfield, Arisaka, Mosin, Mauser, K31, etc.)
  • Scoped rifles must be similar to the above – and exclude hunting/target style rifles. No optics allowed on bolt rifles, or rifles fired from the standing position.

Bring a shooting mat and a rifle front rest (buttstock/rear bags not permitted).  Eye/ear protection is mandatory per CRPC rules and common sense.


  • Penetrator and tracer ammunition is prohibited.
  • For semi-auto COF events – Approximately 50 rounds.  Suggest 75-100 rounds.
  • For bolt-action COF events – Approximately 20.  Suggest 40 rounds.


  • Depending upon the COF:
    • 12” x 20″ steel silhouette, and/or 8” x 13” falling steel plates.

Course of Fire:

  • Timed electronically.  Spotters used to confirm hits, as needed.
  • Distance:  200 and/or 300 yards. Fastest time to hit all targets is winner. COF will be determined by the Match Director.

200 Yards:

      • PRONE:  Fired at least 2 times. COF announced the day of match and will change with each match. Will mostly involve 8” x 13” falling plates but may also involve larger plates. May involve hitting targets in a specific order, or ‘hostage’ targets.
      • BOLT: Fired twice from prone position. Will involve 12” x 20” steel plates.
      • STANDING: No support. Will involve 12” x 20” plates. Fired 1 time.
      • TEAM: Time permitting, a 2-man team will be randomly assigned to fire at 8” x 13” falling plates from the prone position.

300 Yards:

      • PRONE: Fired at least 2 times. Will mostly involve 12”x20” plates but may also involve 8”x13” falling steel plates.
      • SNIPER: Time permitted. Will involve 8”x13” falling steel plates. Single elimination event.

Reno Santini, Match Director.