Thank you for your interest! Below you will find an overview of the process to join Charlotte Rifle & Pistol Club (CRPC).

We are a 100% Affiliated National Rifle Association (NRA) Club. To become a CRPC Member, you must presently be a member of the NRA. To join the NRA, click here.

Prospective Members must pass a background check. The cost of a standard background check is $40. Some background checks are more complex than others (due to name changes or multiple states of residence, etc.). The applicant will be billed for any additional costs. Payment for your background check starts the process to join the Club.

Once you register below and pay for your background check, you will receive a link to our Virtual Presentation. This presentation will familiarize you with our range rules, safety protocols, and the necessary requirements and steps to become a Member.  Upon completing your review of our presentation, you will be provided with instructions to submit the information required by the independent agency that conducts our background checks.

When CRPC is notified that you have passed your background check, we will send you an email with an invitation to our Orientation Meeting held at our Outdoor Range in Waxhaw, NC.  At this Orientation, we will take you on a tour of our ranges and provide you with your Conditional Membership Badge.

Each new Member joining the CRPC is considered a Conditional Member for a minimum of 6 months. During this time, you will learn about our safety protocols and complete our conditional membership requirements (which will be outlined in your Virtual Presentation).

Let’s get started! Please click “Select” on the button below to review our membership fees.

Level Price  
Prospective $40.00 now. Select
Secondary - Conditional Spouse Free Select
Secondary - Conditional Ages 18-23 Free Select

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