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How To Become A Member Of The Charlotte Rifle & Pistol Club

The $40.00 Prospective Member fee that you will purchase below is to cover the Club’s cost to have a background check completed by an independent agency.  Due to the complexity of some background checks, the actual cost can exceed $40. The applicant will be billed for any amount in excess of $40 at a later time when we know the charge. CRPC conditional members will not receive a club card until this overage is paid in full.

There is an initiation fee of $500.00. On the date of your induction into the Club you will be required to pay prorated dues for the remainder of the fiscal year. Effective 4/1/2017, annual membership dues are $240.

We are a 100% Affiliated NRA Club. To become a Charlotte Rifle & Pistol Club member you must presently be a member of the NRA, or have applied for NRA membership before attending your General Orientation session. Join the NRA here:

After submitting the online application you will be contacted by the New Member Orientation Chairman with the date, time and place of an upcoming General Orientation meeting where you will learn more.

Upon being accepted for Conditional Membership by the CRPC Board of Directors, the applicant becomes a Conditional Member. A new Conditional Member remains in conditional status for a minimum of 6 calendar months and must complete the following requirements to become a General Member:

  • Show evidence of twelve hours of volunteer labor that benefits the Club
  • Have recorded a cumulative total of two hours of assisting (shadowing) a Range Safety Officer on any CRPC range at which RSOs are utilized
  • Incur no violations of Club rules, regulations, policies or procedures
  • Obtain the signatures of members who have witnessed the conditional member safely handling and shooting firearms

After at least 6 months have elapsed, with the successful completion of all Conditional Member requirements and upon the receipt of the evidences to the Membership Director, the Conditional Member will be requested to attend a monthly meeting of the Board of Directors where the Conditional Member will receive a CRPC identity badge (hard badge). At this time, the Conditional Member will become a General Member.

Safety Qualifications

Safety is our primary goal. Required classroom presentations address safety, safe gun handling, range and Club rules, and range etiquette. There are shooting qualifications to ensure that members not only know the rules, but that they also have the skills, and the mindset, to be a safe shooter. (A qualification for a range is not required if members do not intend to shoot that discipline or bring guests to that range.)

Rifle Qualification

This orientation is required if the applicant desires to shoot a rifle without supervision on CRPC ranges. The Rifle Qualification process consists of 3 steps: (1) a classroom lecture; (2) learning how to sight-in a rifle on the Sight-In Range; and (3) a 100 yard shooting qualification.

Handgun Qualification

This orientation is required if the applicant wishes to use the Club’s pistol ranges without supervision or to gain badge access to the Indoor Range. The Handgun Qualification process consists of a 5 steps: (1) a classroom segment; (2) a skills evaluation on a pistol range firing line; (3) one or more Conditional Member Practice sessions; and (4) a shooting qualification; and (5) sign-off by a CRPC Certified Instructor.

Shotgun Qualification

This orientation is required for the applicant to shoot without supervision on any of the Shotgun Ranges. Shotgun Qualification is a 2 step process: (1) a classroom multimedia segment; and (2) a shooting qualification.

Steel Qualification

To be permitted to shoot steel targets on the Multipurpose Range and Action Shooting Facility, members must attend a Shoot-at-Steel Safety Briefing and pay a target fee.

Archery Qualification

To be allowed to shoot a bow without supervision on the CRPC Archery Ranges, members must attend an Archery Safety Briefing.

Action Shooting Facility (ASF)

There are additional briefings and skills proficiency requirements that must be completed to be permitted to shoot on the Action Shooting Facility. These include a Safety Briefing (SB); an Action Handgun (AH) proficiency qualification; and an Action Long Gun (AL – Rifle or Shotgun) proficiency qualification.

Final Acceptance/Electronic Signature

I have read, understand, and agree to these conditions of the Charlotte Rifle and Pistol Club.

By clicking on the I Agree checkbox and electronically submitting this form you will be signifying your agreement with the above Terms and Conditions.


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The $40.00 fee that you will purchase below is to cover the Club's cost to have a Background Check completed by an independent agency.

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