Indoor Range – Upfit Progress

The Indoor Shooting Range at CRPC is going through some changes! With the help of many of the members and their volunteerism, there have been many accomplishments made throughout the past two months.

The changes to the Indoor Range will include new Target Carriers, and a new Bullet Trap that will utilize rubber granules that will capture the projectile whole within the Bullet Trap.

Progress to date:

  • Old Caswell Bullet Trap was removed
  • Old Carrier system was dismantled and removed
  • MT2 has completely deleaded the range
  • The range from the firing line to the back of the range was painted
  • Firing line lanes are being refurbished
  • New LED lighting was installed at each lane

A special thanks needs to be given to the many members that have come out on scheduled work sessions to help keep this project moving. Even more thanks needs to be given to our Bullseye Shooters lead by Casey Holzman who kept their normal Winter League shooting schedule to work at the range on the shooting lanes instead of shoot.