November 26 2019 board Meeting

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November 26 2019 board Meeting

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  1. I was RSO on 12/27/19 and noted the prone shooting positions are not numbered , while all chair positions are. I corrected a senior shooter from rifle an alignment appeared marginal in keeping rounds within a traditional impact area. He brought to my attention that identifiable downrange target positions were in place for chair shooting, but not prone via numerical identification. He corrected the rifle alignment, and thanked me for noting the possible question. I suggest this be looked into by the appropriate party!

  2. As a component of normal NRA procedures, wind flags should be installed. Even survey tape on a “tall” 2×2 at various distances would suffice.

  3. I’ve noticed that the numbers at the 50 yard line are not readable. It might be a good project for a work session.
    Also, wind flags at strategic locations would be helpful. Especially if you’re shooting a .22 in windy conditions.

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