Pistol Qualification on July 8th

Forward your inquiries about this pistol qualification notice to Ron Elliott at ronelliott@carolina.rr.com.

The Club will hold a special pistol qualification on Wednesday, July 8, from 5:30pm to 8:30pm at the Indoor Range to accommodate those who have not been able to qualify yet due to COVID closures. If you plan to attend, the following is mandatory:

1. RSVP via the Indoor Range Events calendar

2. You must have previously attended Pistol Safety Briefing.

3. Please bring the following:

Badge and Tracking Sheet


Minimum of (25) rounds

Ear and eye protection

There will NOT be a practice session before qualification. The course of fire will be explained before the qualification begins. If you have any questions, please email ronelliott@carolina.rr.com. Thank you!

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