New Safety Rules, Mask Info for CCP Holders and Indoor Range Opening Reminder

The Official Rules of Charlotte Rifle and Pistol Club have been updated and will go into effect on July 1, 2020. Club members are responsible for reading and knowing these rules. We encourage you to keep the link below handy so you can easily reference the rules from your phone or computer. You can find the rules on our site by logging on to, clicking on the “Members” tab, and then select “Club Rules”.  (Go to link:

We also have received inquiries on the use of masks for CCP holders. Log on to and paste this link into your brower for statute links and general information on this important topic.

Join us for the Indoor Range Grand Opening on July 4th from 11:00am-2:00pm! For more info, visit:

If you have any questions about this communication, please contact

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  1. The rules have been updated… so what’s changed?

    • Thank you for your inquiry. It is important that our members read and understand the rules in their entirety. The updated version gives everyone an opportunity to review all of the safety rules for our ranges.

      • That’s not helpful in any way. But thanks for trying.

        • The new club rules are published on this very web site under your member’s tab, you could maybe try reading them?

        • The rules have been reformatted to make it easier to follow. There are numerous changes and clarifications. You need to read them. If I can read the Rules, you can too.

  2. What’s the address of the indoor range.

  3. The address is: 13098 Bleinheim Lane, Matthews, NC 28105
    You can also find the link on our website. Under the “About” tab, click on “Addresses and Phone Numbers”.

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