CRPC is reaching out to determine if any members need help during these unprecedented times.

Charlotte Rifle & Pistol Club is reaching out to determine if any members need help during these unprecedented times. We know some in our community have been affected more than others, and we want to support them.

In addition to exceptional range facilities, training opportunities, and a variety of shooting events, we want CR&PC members to feel more like friends and family – there to give, and receive, support when it’s needed. This is what community looks like.If you have questions, or are looking for ways to volunteer locally, please reach out to our Member At Large ( Thanks in advance.

CR&PC Leadership

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  1. How can I put my membership on hold?

  2. Send an email to

    They will respond to your question.

  3. Good Morning Vance, Please explain why my member dues are not showing up as being paid? Why is my member number has not been updated from my probationary number(11651) to my permeant number (2310)? Why my volunteer hours (most recent 5/4/2020) are not showing up? And Why my badge sticker has not been sent out to me? I sent the check in and it has cleared my bank in the amount of $168.00 as you had communicated to me and even whether I should be communicating with you or if I should be directing this to someone else.
    I’m beginning to feel like a red headed step child at this club and that’s not a comforting feeling to me. Have I done something wrong? has someone dropped the ball on my account/membership. I’m trying to understand what’s going on here. If you remember last year no-one had updated my volunteer hours at all and you corrected that for me and I mailed in a check in the amount of $168.00 chichis not showing up. Can you please look into this to see what’s going on and get back to me.
    Thank you Vance, David Pitre # 2310

  4. having problem paying my 2020 dues . can’t find the correct drop down or page or amount . Can someone help me?

  5. All I want to do is pay my dues! Can’t find any place on the site you send it.
    I already sent a check in.
    If you can’t make it easy to just pay dues are you sure you a qualified to do range safty?
    I need a call from one of you!

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